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There is not a set curriculum that you have to complete in a specific order. You can start at your level focusing on what you want to accomplish. I give assignments based on where your current skill level is and where you wish to focus on growing your abilities. Each session consists of a private one-hour online video conference with me in which we go over your current individual assignment, review work completed and critique how to proceed, and discuss in detail the various animation principles involved in the assignment.

Along with the one-on-one online video conference sessions themselves, students are also able to email updated animations for feedback and critique anytime during the period between video sessions.

The number of sessions a student wishes to participate in is entirely up to them. They can do just one session to try it out or book one session a week or more if they wish.

For those students interested in long-term instruction, there is a discount if you purchase more sessions at a time.

If focusing on 3D, then students are required to have their own copies of Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, XSI, or other software package (student versions are usually available at the developer's website). Students are encouraged to have at least a perfunctory familiarity with the program they are using, but it is not necessary. Tutoring in other forms of animation are also an option, such as 2D (using Photoshop, Flash, or other software package), stop-motion, etc.

If you are interested in scheduling sessions with me, please send an email to

I look forward to working with you!