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Having taught animation in class sizes ranging from 4 or 5 students up to classes of 25 or more, I have found that there's a clear correlation between the direct attention an instructor can give each student and the progress that student makes in their training.

When I have worked at various studios (and especially in my early years in the industry as I was learning the fundamentals of animation and motion and physics), it was the one-on-one time and lessons I received from my Senior/Lead/Supervisor/Director that taught me what I know and allowed me to ask questions about things that I didn't understand or to have something explained to me more clearly. It also allowed my instruction to be directed by where I was with my abilities at the time so that I could focus on my strengths as well as work on my weaknesses.

I began doing one-on-one online animation tutoring for students that I'd had previously in classes or people I had met at various animation-related functions who had expressed a desire to go beyond what they'd learned in their animation classes at school and focus specifically on growing their skills in character animation.

I have decided to expand my tutoring beyond those whom I have had the pleasure of meeting personally and extend the same opportunity to anyone who is interested in learning more about character animation in a more personal and direct one-on-one environment.

While I no longer currently teach on-campus at schools such as the New England University of Art, Mount Ida College, and Harvard University Extension.... I still continue these tutoring sessions so that I may have the opportunity to work with students from all over the world who cannot attend classes in person.

Because there are only so many hours a day that I am available, I am only able to accept a certain number of students until such time as my weekly schedule is filled. There are not currently any other instructors. This is just me as an individual offering direct tutoring to students who wish to grow as animators.

I have learned everything I know from not only my own observation but more importantly the guidance and knowledge I have received from those who have come before me and passed on what they have learned. Having had the opportunity to do the same for a new generation of animators has been extremely fullfilling and rewarding. And now, I am glad to be able to continue passing on that knowledge to even more students from all walks of life.

To learn more about me, to read my resume, and to see my animation reel and shot breakdown, you can visit my website